February 15th, 2010

can't sleep books will eat me

and it's march, march, april may june july

7 am Monday morning: deathmarch resumes.

I'd so much rather be doing anything else that my brain is all like Hey Bear! Let's got for a run! But there's climbing on the schedule for tonight and I have to give the ankles a break once in a while, and anyway that time is allotted to the evil that is the book. (The book must die)

Today, the goal is to finish writing the new Chapter 8, write the interlude that follows it, and get through editing Ch. 9 and what there is of Ch. 10. If I get lucky, I might finish the scene in Ch. 10 that I know the ending of, too. But not if I don't get started.

23 degrees today--it's positively balmy.
writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck

put the coffee on, but the pot ain’t clean

2300 words more or less on Grail today, bringing me to 287 pages. The deathmarch continues apace. I think I will skip over this interludy bit and figure out what goes here later, then come back to it. I appear to have plot, however, and forward momentum, and tension and so forth.

Getting the antagonist on screen always does a world of good. Why is it so hard?

287 / 400 words. 72% done!

Oh, look at that. That's so satisfying. This is why we deathmarch, this right here.

Of course it's a terrible draft full of bracket notes and sentences like, "He was as angry as [figure out a simile that doesn't suck later]." But sometimes that's how we deathmarch.

Now I'm going to work on inserting a transition into Ch. 10, and see if after climbing I can finish the scene that will make it a whole grown-up chapter, able to stand on its own.

and with no one to lose you said you feel like a bruise

Too tired to deathmarch after climbing. But I did get my second 5.10 tonight (also on the slab--kind of an insanely sparse and sketchy route, but I rock the slab) and re-sent the 5.9 I've been working on (better this time than last). Tried another 5.9 (one I've failed on a lot and continued to fail on) and a 5.9+ I did last week and could not do tonight. Also tried a new 5.9+ and got a few moves up it. Brutal. There's a new 5.8 I wanted to try, but the rope was busy all night. And then I ran laps up some 5.6s and crawled out, exhausted.

I guess I will finish Chapter 10 tomorrow. Though I have deathmarched a sufficient distance that I feel as if the deadly pressure is off, I would still like a draft by month's end. Because then I can sleep for a week and start working on some of these short stories.