February 19th, 2010

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The pantry smouse (one of the pantry smice, I suspect, as this one is a juvenile--no more than a hopper) trapped itself in the big stock pot on the bottom shelf. I found it because I heard it scurrying around in there and dug through stuff until I found it.)

Exhibit A: une smouse

Smouse 2010 02 19 003

Yes, I gave it water. I'm not a barbarian.

Now I have to figure out where to release the little dude. Probably in the woods down by the grain silo. That seems like a better environment for smouses than my pantry.

The GRD totally ignored the scurrying AND the smouse. Still not a terrier, mom.

(Tossing it out in the yard, of course, merely leads to smouse reintroduction to the home.)

Because I am lame, and it was sounding more and more like a dreaded chore and less and less like fun, I have bagged on the skiing trip tomorrow. I was always more interested in cross-country than downhill anyway. Although I make a point of taking any opportunity for new experience that presents itself (within reason and sanity) there's no reason to force yourself to do something you're pretty sure you're not going to like just to prove that you don't like it.

...even though I do keep trying gin martinis and brie, in case I've changed my mind.

Instead, I will stay home and work on my book, like a sensible Bear. That honestly sounds like more fun anyway, and much less stress, attention, and public humiliation.

Took the dog for a run this morning. Two miles, with relative comfort. Along the way, I worked out a major plot point for "Ligature," which, even if it is not the work I am meant to be doing, is work, and feels good to have done and done well.

Soon as they call, I'm going to go pick up the Moby Smurfberry at the car vet, which means a nice stroll downtown--nice, that is, if it does get up to the forties today, as we were promised. If it stays 26 and windy, not so much, though the truly bitter days of winter are probably over for 2010. 

Then the rest of the day is devoted to working on Grail in a sort of puttery desultory kind of way. Maybe I will finish Chapter 11, maybe I won't.

Maybe all this goalsetting is bad for me, and I need to just write what I am going to write and trust the novel to work itself out in my head.

ace the wonder dog

forty-eight feet from bumper to bumper

Dear Diary:

Today after Morning Ball the monkey took me for a run in the snow and we went all the way up to the Chinese restaurant and back! Even up the big hill! And there was an old dog who barked and growled at me so I barked back but the monkey said it was okay and I should stay with her and we ran past and nobody ate me! Nobody even tried to kill me!

And we ran home down the long hill and past the woods and even if she was too slow she tried to keep up, so that was okay. And then I thought that was all for today because I got breakfast and we don't run after breakfast but a little while later she put her running shoes back on and I figured I was sunk, because she said I had to stay, but I wagged and wagged and put my head in her lap and she finally got the leash and there was A WALK! ALL THE WAY DOWNTOWN! And I started limping the last little bit because I was tired and it was Far, and I was worried because it was Far and I was tired and we still had to go home, but there was a nice lady who smelled like Chow dogs who petted me and said my name and then we went to a New Place and they let me come inside even though it smelled funny and there was a nice man who petted me and then he went away and when he came back he had MY CAR! And we got in my car and went for a ride! And I wagged and wagged and put my head on the monkey's shoulder because she didn't make me wear my seatbelt (she usually always makes me wear my seatbelt, even though I can get out of it) and I didn't have to walk home on my sore foot after all AND I GOT TO BARK AT A PEDESTRIAN!

And then she let me lick her cottage cheese bowl and gave me a sardine. A WHOLE SARDINE! And she keeps saying I should get up on the couch but I'm too tired now and the floor is cooler.

BEST DAY EVERzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

(with apologies to buymeaclue and the yellowdog)
twain & tesla

quit whining that you haven't done anything wrong because frankly you haven't done much of anything


Okay: 1500 words on Grail, which gets me to 302 pages and makes me feel like a Real Girl--and I got the Moby Smurfberry back, with new rear brakes and blower motor. I really like the new mechanic I took it to--Main Street Auto in Manchester, which turned it around in 24 hours and stuck to their estimate, even though it turns out the car needed rear cylinders, too. (Good thing the new brakes work. There was a panic stop on the way to the gym when somebody cut me off and then braked sharply. Yep. Car stops. Huzzah!)

So while I was sitting on the couch wrangling wordcount, having already put on my pajamas and bathrobe, TBRE called to say hey, she and another friend were going climbing, did I want to come? After some wibbling I wound up going, once I finished my six pages, and boy am I glad I did. Because not only did I nail a 5.9 I could barely get on six weeks ago (nine pounds apparently equates to climbing half a grade better), but I also redid some old stuff better than I had before, and then The Jeff found a new route in the corner--

with my name on it. Literally.

I have been teasing one of the route setters for a while about the geriatric route in the corner, which was so old it was the first or second 5.7 I ever finished. Well, it's gone, and now there's a white route called "Sarah Says." (For those of you tuning in, Sarah is my first name. Elizabeth and Bear are both middle names. My last name is long and unpronounceable, thus the truncation for book cover purposes.)

They named a route after me.

I feel so totally like a girl who belongs somewhere it isn't even funny. What a terribly unfamiliar and wonderful sensation.

And because I happened to be there at the right time, I got the first ascent on it. Now that is serendipity.

Best! Day! Ever!

Because I have had such an awesome day, I bring you something utterly wonderful. If you have never heard (or heard of) Mississippi John Hurt, this should make your day. This is what a master looks like: