February 20th, 2010

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shit! gravity works!

Today, my plans are: clean as much of the house as possible, make dinner for friends, conquer the universe.

Starting with the office and my bedroom.

I will do this while listening to Car Talk. Sometimes brainless work is nice, and I am tired and stupid and slow-moving today.

At least there's tea--Carribean blue lady (the coconut kind) and Kousmichoff Prince Vladimir.

In award-related news, aliettedb points out that oh, by the way, podcasts ARE eligible for the Hugo. And congrats to everybody who came home with a Nebula nom. Good work, guys!

In me-related news, there's an interview with me at Outer Alliance Spotlight, focusing on the constructions of gender and sexuality in my work.
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dragons happen when you least expect them

Whew. I spent the day cleaning the house. Kind of hoping that when TBRE comes home, I can talk her into vacuuming--or I might just do it myself, because I've hit some kind of I live in a plague pit limit.

In a bit here, I'm going to start dinner for various peoples. Just now, I packed up some mail-order bras to send back to Figleaves, because apparently whatever else is going on with project less-of-me, around the chestal area it's turning into project more-of-me, and I am now (tmi) edging up into a 36F. Excuse me, boob fairy? I did not order these.

In much more interesting news, elisem is posting about the dragon stories that truepenny and I keep writing for each other, based on elisem's dragon necklaces. Curiously, I have another dragon story brewing, but no necklace in hand to inspire it.

They're pretty good stories, and all four so far are online. You might like them.
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So, having spent all day cleaning my office, here is the clean office I got as my return on the bargain. Or at least, this is one side of the room. (There's a Hugo and a couple of a cheeseboards in the background. The Hugo is being scaled by a Suckmonkey. I keep hoping the rocketship will drain the power from the Suckmonkey, but it hasn't happened yet. At least the damned thing is off my back. Also in the picture, a map of 16th century Canterbury (why ever would I have that?), a plastic model of a spotted draught horse, and the Inevitable Tea Carafe.(Kousmichoff Tchai, if you were wondering.)

Also, the new bookshelf, loaded up with books, and my slippers.

And the shoggoth, useful for dusting, as rikibeth will attest.

Below, there are views of the Other Side Of The Office, including the Other Desk (with desktop computer, scanner, printer, etc--the scanner needs to be hooked up, but I did finally get the printer vacuumed out today) and a close-up of the bookshelf, with Fearless Kjitten sacked out in the sling chair by the window.

I have taped up my kjitten-nibbled laptop cord, and it seems to be working for now. And I did finally find my backup laptop battery, for those following the saga on Twitter.

It was on top of the refrigerator.

Well, of course. Where else would it be?

(This is one of the places I write books. Previously, of course, we have seen the library downstairs, and its various writer perches. And my bed.

You never know where you're going to feel like holing up with a nice manuscript.
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ETA: And here's another place books get written, and two of my coworkers:

Office 2010 02 20 008 Office 2010 02 20 005 Office 2010 02 20 006