February 22nd, 2010

lion in winter dead

there are many things in heaven and earth. but you can only have what I give you.

I watched Curse of the Golden Flower tonight, which was entertaining in a visual spectacle kind of way (wow, the visual spectacle. Like Titanic crossed with The Return of the King) and features Gong Li and ninja fights amidst karst topography (okay, they're Chinese, so they're not really ninja, but you know what I mean) how can you lose?

Also, evil!Chow Yun Fat hair porn. Ninjas, karst topography, Chow Yun Fat hair porn. Who cares what it's about?

Okay, it's a Chinese historical drama. So you know it won't end well. Don't get your hopes up. But hair porn.
writing dust bible 'house of dust"

don't run away. it's only me.

Got up this morning, took the dogge for a run, came home, made tea, ate food, and settled down to write for a bit. Actually got 1120 words, finished chapter 11 of Grail and got the first scene of Chapter 12 done. It's all feeling quite manageable right now, and I even know what the next two scenes are. I've moved from the "Oh god, how am I ever going to fill four hundred pages?" stage to the "I am never going to fit the resolution of these plots into this book!" stage.

Oh, thank you, persistence. I appear to be out of the Dreaded Middle of the book, and into the climax. Now I just need to get these people moving.

Which is complicated when travel distances are so long.

Maybe I can invent a star drive to speed things up a little, because the time spent zipping around the solar system is killing me.

307 / 400 pages. 77% done!

And hey, I even have time for a short nap before errands.