February 23rd, 2010


i'll make you lick my injury.

It's only snowpocalypsing very lightly, but it's supposed to go on off and on all day, with a gradual evolution into sleet and then, by tomorrow, rain. Right now, this means the Fearless Kjitten is pawing at the windows and lecturing the enticing white flakes outside because he cannot touch them. (Eeeeee! he says. Meeeeee! A direct quotation.)

A hulking monster kjitten contemplates the snowfall.I contemplate staying home with my feet up all day. I have a blog entry to write for Storytellers Unplugged, and I sort of feel like I should write another four or five or ten pages on Grail (oh deathmarch, you never gave me anything, but the end really is in sight), and I promised TBRE pizza for dinner.

I also just decided I want oatmeal. Mm, oatmeal.

Right now, though, I am trying to talk myself out of going for a run. My hands hurt from climbing (I need to ice and take some NSAIDs) and my bad ankle is sore and stiff this morning, and you know, in general, maybe it would be a smart day to give your body a break, Bear.

The sore hands thing is, of course, because I am working on harder climbs, which means concomitantly smaller and tricker handholds requiring (often) greater force to stick on. Which translates to tendon strain and scraped fingers and palms. Which translates to soreness and inflammation and generally achy hands.

Yeah, we do this because it's fun, what can I say?

In other news, the winter jasmine in my bedroom has one blossom open. It smells wonderful already, and the cats have decided it must be cat greens in a convenient hanging basket. I should put it in the shower and give it a nice warm rainstorm. I should also clean that catbox, which doesn't smell as nice as the jasmine.

First, of course, I have to somehow manage to get out of this bed. Which, it turns out, is extraordinarily complicated.
comic tick ninjas hedge

for a fee i'm happy to be your back door man

Or perhaps what I'm going to do today is watch old TV, eat oatmeal, try on all my pants and sort them into fit/nearly fit/don't fit/need fixing piles, do the mending, tidy up my sewing box, untangle all this embroidery floss, and think about embroidering white and purple vines with blue seed beads up the legs of these vintage '70s button-fly stovepipe K-mart jeans I must have bought in a thrift store in Nevada.

Because they're AWESOME, that's why.

I wish I still had any idea where my embroidery hoops went.
writing gorey earbrass conscious but ver

put the gun down, nathan

So it turns out what I did today was make muffins, make pizza, embroider up one leg on a pair of jeans, wash the dishes, and watch 8 episodes of Third Watch.

Apparently, I have the donwannas.

But I did cross three things off the honeydew so far this year, and you know what? That's just fine. That tells me I don't have to.

Not right this second, anyway.

ETA: Oh, I know what's wrong with me. Post-novel ennui! I shall catch up on my TV and the books I need to read for research and for review, and when I am done I will have a functioning brain again.

State of the Honeydew:

Tucson Festival of Books: March 12-13

Grail: April 15

Massachusetts Library Association Conference: April 30

Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association University 2010 - Writers Conference: May 8

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention: June 25-27

Secrit projekt deadline: June 30

A Reckoning of Men: July 1 (with truepenny)
untitled noir objective stuntwriting thingy: July 1
untitled vampire thingy: July 1

"Spell 81a": July 15 (with stillsostrange)

Readercon: July 8-11

Viable Paradise: October 1-10

Gaylaxicon: October 29-31

The Steles of the Sky: November 2

"Uniform": November 15 (with stillsostrange, blackholly, coffeeem, willshetterly, and leahbobet)

Darkover: November 26-28

The White City chapbook: late fall

"Ligature": January 15

A Reckoning of Men: July 1 2011 (with truepenny)

The Steles of the Sky book 2: November 2 2011

No fixed deadline:

space opera thingy
"The Romance"
Karen Memory
Singularity Rent novel

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