March 2nd, 2010

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everyone i know goes away in the end

That meme that's going around about rules for writing?

I ain't got any.

All I got is one guideline:

"There are no rules, only tactics and techniques that work or do nor work in any given situation."

Now, I have some tactics for applying those techniques (one of them is to use the simplest method that will get a story told effectively in any given case), but that's all they are. Tactics and techniques. If it works it works; if it doesn't, try something else. Fetishizing a process doesn't help get the story told.

Speaking of not fetishizing the process, today was my first day of unplugged dedicated fictioneering time. I actually got to the end of my self-imposed don't-kill-yourself-Bear ten-page daily informal limit before I ran out of dedicated writing time (I did start early, so I wrote straight through for about two and a half hours).

Maybe the time off has helped refill my brain.

Tea today was the last of the Pai Mu Tan vanilla.

Word does not know synonyms for "durance," but it knows them for "incarceration."

And hey, look at this:

324 / 400 pages. 81% done!

Some of it is notes and stuff, so I really am more like on page 295ish, but hey, it's still striking distance. Striking distance is very encouraging. Just got to a big plot twist and thought up a way to complicate it further (which will require revision, but will hopefully be surprising) and hey, soon there will be Climactic Space Battle Yay!

Now I get to go to the grocery store, complete a bunch of administrivia, call an accountant, and make French onion soup for dinner. And then maybe work on my reading.

The literary life: It's totally for people who didn't get enough of homework in college and high school.
can't sleep books will eat me

everybody trying to say i'm wrong. i just wanna be back where i belong.

Interesting things about the New World Order. Having written, walked the dog, bought stuff to make dinner, and cleaned out my email inbox, I'm actually having a hard time convincing the Guilt Gorilla that we're done with work for the day. It's an unfamiliar concept to the Guilt Gorilla, this done

...okay, I have a book for review that I need to keep reading. But that's a whole different kind of work.

I think I might just be on to something here. It might even involve (whispers) free time.