March 3rd, 2010

literature charlotte some spider

let's get to the point. let's roll another joint.

Day three of the New World Order, and hey, 2400 words. And again, finished early. So now lunch, and taking the dog for a walk, and then Kung Fu Panda and practicing guitar. After that, climbing and cooking dinner and (yay!) new Criminal Minds tonight.

I might even find a few more minutes in which to get some reading done!

In other news, I've been an afficionado of Dundee's ginger preserves for some time. Yesterday at the grocery story I scored some of their new key lime marmalade.


335 / 400 pages. 84% done!

I can tell I've reached the last third of the book (finally) because I've moved from "How the hell am I gonna ever get 400 pages out of this sucker" to "This stuff will never all fit!"

But of course it will fit. It always does.

Just gotta finish this chapter and write a transition to elapse a little time.
In other other news, Rachel Maddow is <3.