March 4th, 2010

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life will be fine if we both sixty-nine!

public accountability:

3/3: 30 min running, 20 min yoga, rock climbing & belaying, 40 minute walk
3/2: 50 min yoga, 33 min running, 25 min walking
3/1: 1 hour walking, rock climbing & belaying, 15 min yoga
2/28: 2 h gardening, 3 h house cleaning
2/27: 33 min running, 5 min walking, 15 min shoveling
2/26: 1 h yoga, rock climbing & belaying, 15 min running, 10 min walking
2/25: 40 min walking
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    Monty Python's "Sit on my face" as anearworm. Amazing how much of it I still remember
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Cat Vs. Monkey: Dark Cats of the Sith

Complaint Department: Monkey, are you up?
Monkey: Despite the fact that you are walking on my hand and my hair and face, no.
Complaint Department: Monkey, are you dead?
Fearless Kjitten: Ooo, if she's dead, can I eat her?
Monkey: Not dead. Can't eat me. I'm sleeping in half an hour. Back off.
Complaint Department: You clock radio is making noise.
Monkey: I know. I'm  listening to it.
Complaint Department: But the sun is up.
Monkey: I know. I'm not getting up yet.
Complaint Department: YOU MIGHT BE DEAD!
Monkey: Really, not dead, you little monster.
Complaint Department: But it's time to get up!
Monkey: How can you tell?
Complaint Department: Because the big hand is on the thingy and the little hand is on the other thingy.
Monkey: It's a digital clock.
Complaint Department: Oh, bother.
Monkey: *gloats*
Complaint Department: Anyway, the clock of MAH BELLEH says it's time to GET UP.
Monkey: Why is there no snooze button on a cat?
Complaint Department: Institute Plan  B.
Fearless Kjitten: *pushes things off taller things with resounding crashes*
Monkey: *grumbling, gets up*
Complaint Department: Today, my young apprentice, you have made me proud.
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we like strong happy people

Cleverly, I wrote 1600 words today, and wound up with a mansucript that was five pages shorter! (Because I got to the end of Ch. 15 and was not yet ready to start Ch. 16, I spent an hour fixing formatting and taking out stray returns and page breaks, as creep into any long manuscript. Also, re-organizing the chapters.

I appear to have approximately ten chapters left to write. This will not actually fit into 75 pages, but I'm okay with that, because the first half of the book has an enormous amount of the characters sitting around explaining the plot theme and their societies to each other, and all that needs to come out.

Also, there are intermittent flashback sequences that may not be staying, and may be getting a lot shorter if they do. Writing this book has been a bit of a drunkard's walk all over, but you know, one still makes it home eventually.

330 / 400 pages. 83% done!

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--and ye,
What are ye? Galahads?--no, nor Percivales

--Alfred, Lord Tennyson, The Holy Grail