March 29th, 2010

writing palencar horrid glory

i am the fox and i go where i want

Subterranean Press (and I!) would like you to know that pre-orders of the trade hardcover of Bone and Jewel Creatures are sufficient to put it out of print on publication.

If you want one, in other words, it'd be a good idea to order it now.

In news not about me, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz has an awesome story up at Fantasy. 

Disclaimer: she was one of my Clarion West students. But the reason you should read this story is because she's awfully good, and wouldn't it be cool to know about her before everybody else does?

like some kind of seventies rock group going their separate ways because of musical differences

A wonderful Douglas Adams speech about lemurs and things from 2001 that's going around my internets today.

I also did a radio interview this week at The Culture Wars.

Also, I'm guest blogging over at Charlie's Diary again this week, while Charlie, feorag, and fluffcthulhu are abroad. I just wrote some stuff about Io. Which I am researching for the cyberdragon story.

And having finished drafts of a couple of things, it is time again to encourage finishing more things with the ever-popularCollapse )

Now I have to go read a book.