May 6th, 2010

criminal minds diana reid crazy

it's time I had some time alone

The dancing hexapods are back!

And in a minute here I need to get up, shower, walk the dog, watch my destination TV (a bit late), and kick this book's ass until dinner time.

Oh hell, I made the draft of All the Windwracked Stars make sense. I can dig out from under this mess, too.

Even if a lot of words have to die to get there.
criminal minds boom

where's my unhappy ending gone?


Of course it's hard to tell while editing, because there is so much back-and-fourth with deleting and adding, but I think about 2000 new words today. And I have gotten through the first four chapters of the final submission draft of Grail. (I'm only doing three drafts of this book, which is bizarre for me--some of my books have run in excess of twelve--but hopefully will work out. Thank god, I trust my editor and copyeditor to keep most of the egg off my face.)

Of course, at the beginning of chapter 5, I have pitched up hard against the first scene I need to write from scratch. I have a little summary thing here now, and it's not cutting the mustard.

Tomorrow, I write that scene.