May 14th, 2010

sf farscape leather

i don't want no coffee or tea.

Last night, ctwriter helped me get the tomatoes in. Garden photos later, maybe, after deathmarch and dinner.

Gravity is very high this morning, but I have finally prevailed against it. And as soon as I have the strength to put on pants, I will be taking the dog out and then commencing deathmarch.

My technical problem for this morning is how to make a scene, which any television writer would dispense with by showing a glimpse of the Bridge of the Enterprise rattled by incoming photon torpedos, Uhura pitching in the opposite direction, actually do enough narrative work to justify its existence.

And then Tristen gets to kick some ass and take some names.

Except he forgot his pen.
sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

run and tell the angels that everything's all right.

Today, I did not finish chapter 25. I did write 2036 words, but I have six short scenes left in the chapter, and my brain has sold me down the river.

So I give up. Flesh is weak. Even writers of superhuman endurance have limits.

Maybe later tonight I will have a brain. Right now I am going to watch some S1 Lie To Me and possibly nap.

New words: 2400
Words cut: ~50
Pages edited: 17 (I am on page 408 of 417) 
The manuscript stands at: 87,500 words
mean things: thinking you were done with the fight when you weren't even started
words Word don't know: gestural
darling: his muscular limps


writing dust bible 'house of dust"

a writer's gotta do what a writer's gotta do

So I took the afternoon off, watched some TV, ate dinner, wasted a little time, and just curled up to try to get a second writing session in.

And my brain completely threw a rod. It really does not want to work any more today.

And yet, I need to finish this book. It is, as they say, a moral imperative.

Just picture Bogey getting back in that swamp with the leeches.