December 11th, 2010


swear to me in times of war and stress

I finished the draft of "Ligature" today. Counting my bout of late-night insomniac writing last night, that comes to 5200 words in the last 24 hours. Which is not a personal best, but is pretty damned good. And a huge load off my back.

There are two scenes to add to it, but the plot is all there, and I'm kind of hoping to solicit help from my conconspirators on that.

Now the plan is to take the dog for a walk with TBRE and look at holiday lights before the bad weather socks us in. Tomorrow is all about rock climbing, tree decorating, and moving washing machines around. (A total of three, I think, if my math is good.)

Damn. I'm pretty proud of myself. And that means the decks are clear for my Range of Ghosts rewrite, when it finds its way home.

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Total paying words written so far this year: 384,103. Yeah, I am gonna try to make an even 400,000. Next project, while waiting for the edit letter--wipe out that Gotham Jazz proposal.
always winter

as the winter winds litter london with lonely hearts

Well, tomorrow TBRE procures a tree, and I procure a new washing machine, and she will install the washing machine and bake cookies and I will put up the tree and make egg nog. And then friends will come over and help us eat and drink and hang up shiny things.

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Hey. We know how to have fun.

can't sleep books will eat me

the silent stars go by

[22:24] matociquala: I should probably give up on this idea of Steampunk Domed New York as needlessly baroque.
[22:24] kafkonia: I like it.
[22:25] matociquala: I do too.
[22:25] matociquala: But it begs the question of why.
[22:25] matociquala: Or am I thinking like a science fiction writer again?
[22:25] kafkonia: Steampunk nuclear war?
[22:25] matociquala: I was thinking environmental toxicity
[22:25] kafkonia: Well, wait a second.
[22:25] kafkonia: The steam is being powered by coal, no?
[22:25] matociquala: Some of it. This is more jazz age
[22:26] matociquala: A way to keep the smog down!
[22:26] kafkonia: Oh. Because excessive coal burning could be cause for a dome.
[22:26] matociquala: Sure
[22:26] matociquala: And I just like typing "masonry sky."
[22:26] katallen: jacking up the utilities bills