December 21st, 2010

writing steles burning

sleep comes like a drug

Ooof. So far today: got up at 3 am for an eclipse that I only got to watch on the internets, but was still pretty fabulous. Read part of a Discover. Made white bean chile verde enchiladas, which we will be eating for the next couple of days. Checked at the place for car emissions, where there was a sign on the door that said "Back in 1 Hour" with no start time. Went to the grocery store and the spice store. Checked in at the emissions place an hour later. Waited for half an hour for the guy at the emissions place to come back anyway. Gave up. (Yesterday when I showed up two hours before closing, he had apparently gone home for the day. Starting to wonder if he has a heroin habit.)

It's either third try's the charm or three strikes and you're out, as I have to have this done by year's end.

Came home. Discovered edit letter for Range of Ghosts. Walked dog. Made pumpkin bread cake and hot cocoa. Drank cocoa while waiting for pumpkin bread cake. Did something stupid and spent the next fifteen minutes answering twitter DMs. Yes, I suck.

Now I need to stop being stressed out because I suck and get my head back in the game for the edit letter. Which I need to start working on as soon as I eat some pumpkin bread and another bowl of enchiladas and rice.

Apparently, Subterranean has found some additional copies of Seven for a Secret in the back of a warehhouse somewhere, so those are available through them again. (and a good thing, too, as I just ran out of book sale copies [Book sale still ongoing for other things, however]).

And now I need to go put on another layer, because the sun just went down and I'm out of cocoa. Oh, and I have the page proofs of "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree" (forthcoming in La Datlow's Naked City anthology) to get through.

Man. I wonder why I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.