March 3rd, 2011

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no man calls upon his honor so much as he who lacks it

The writer in her corner:

Daily Commute March 3 2011 002

Only managed to sleep between 4-7 last night (this morning?), so I may be a little loopy. It's possible I had too much caffeine yesterday (nah! Two pots of black tea is nothing!) or maybe I just got myself into a fluster. Anyway, it resulted in an extra 2,000 words or so, and when I get to the end of this scene I'm going to knock off to play some guitar, watch last night's Criminal Waste, and generally try to figure out what the hell my antag thinks he's accomplishing with this diabolical plot of his.

It's a very nice diabolical plot. I'm just not sure what it does.*

It was -3 with windchill when I woke up. That's pretty impressive for March. I have my wool undershirt on.

In the mean time, the view from my corner of the universe this morning. Please note Giant Ridiculous Dog (extreme left, middleground), various stuffed animals (he suffers so), and the looming pile of books I should be reading.

Teacup today: The blue-green mug from Baltimore.
Tea today: Upton's Egyptian chamomile

*It raises the dead. Isn't it pretty? Americans! 

i'm sorry for my crimes against the moonlight.

Tell me somebody's done a good mashup of Garbage's "Sleep Together" and Romeo Void's "Never Say Never." Better yet, tell me where to find it.

3,000 words on "REZ" and it turns out that's not it's title, but I don't know what the title is. But that means it's at 10K, and halfway finished.

If only I could figure out what the hell this antag is up to.

I have an answer, and it's funny as shit, but it may not have, well, sufficient gravitas... for a story that's a bit too much Early John Varley doing Lovecraftian Existentialism in a Reasonably Upbeat Future.

...oh hell, I have a Sturgeon Award and a sense of humor.

I can pull this off.
sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

"She wants to fly."

Just a brief visual reminder of what's been happening to John over the course of the last season:

John in "I, ET"                                        John in "Vitas Mortis":


I think that adequately illustrates the problem.

Oh, but lest you think the transformation complete, there is more damage, violation, and insanity where that came from.

Taking the Stone, 2x3
31 March 2000

Crackers Don't Matter, 2x4
7 April 2000

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