March 14th, 2011

iggy pop chairman of the bored

i held the future up to a looking glass. it bears a striking resemblance to the embers of the past.

Last night, somebody gave the puppeteer (evynrude)a giant hand-knit sock and a couple of almonds...

2011 03 13 Karen puppets the sock 002

As for the corned beef and veg--reader, we ated it.

Also, my mom brought the GRD a new soccer ball.

2011 03 14 Giant Ridiculous Dog 002


This one still BOUNCES!

(It's slightly deflated on purpose, so he can pick it up.)

And now I have to write 8 pages of ad eternum.

Tea today: Stash black ginger peach (yum)
Teacup today: Bunnies doing what bunnies do best

2011 03 14 Daily COmmute

And so to work.
froud tapestry

now i'm not a highly metaphysical man but i know when the stars are aligned i can

Ah, the moss-troll problem rears its ugly head. I find it extra-prickly in alternate or contrafactual history (which is why I gravitate to contrafactual history rather than alternate history), where one constantly must decide if there was a Luigi Galvani, or if we need something bloody else to call a galvanized nail.

Does Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. exist in the New Amsterdam universe? Indiana doesn't. But I really want a New Amsterdam cognate of Slaughterhouse-Five. So I'm going to decide he does, and grew up in New Amsterdam.

I'm also deciding that John Louis McAdam existed, because I'm too lazy to come up with another name for tarmac.

Yes, I really do think about this stuff. A lot.
writing rengeek magpie mind

she cannot sleep now. the moon is red.

2,600 words on ad eternum, bringing me to a grand total of 3,000. Tomorrow I have to write about a party you'd rather not be at, most likely.

It took all bloody day, but I like this. It's stately and sad, but that is not in this case a bad thing.

Tomorrow, I have to actually get out of bed on time, devil DST or no devil DST.