March 29th, 2011

froud magician

in the tube where i was grown i was alone

It took me until yesterday (when I was hanging my print, and the crotch was at eye level) to realize that Brian Froud's "The Magician" is a woman in drag. That's kind of awesome, and it reminds me I need to write another Maledysaunte and Riordan story one of these days.... oh, wait, possibly I need to write it right now. Maybe that's the missing plot thread in The Shaded King. (Maybe it's not. I need to think about this some more.)

Well. not right now. Because I need to finish "Underground" first, and working on that is the plan for the day.

I meant to say: thatpotteryguy sent me an amazing clay bread pan that I will be trying out as soon as the bread situation in the house attrits a little. Right now, because I went on a massive baking spree, we have two kinds of bread and two kinds of muffins. I am currently eating one of the English muffins for breakfast, with the amazing fig jam that fidelioscabinet's sister  made (I wonder how many fig wasp larvae I'm devouring) and the chana (bengal gram, chick peas, garbanzo beans) that I left in the slow cooker overnight. Spicy! (NB: The correct ratio is ~1 Scotch Bonnet to 1 lb dry chana.)

It's a poser that nutrition tracking software won't accept "a handful" as the proper serving size for raisins. (Which, while I was throwing the ball for the dog this morning, resolved into my head as a series of parrot westerns: A Fistful of Raisins, For a Few Raisins More, and The Good, the Bird, and the Ugly.)

I'm not sure I really believe this cobra is from the Bronx. Not enough F-bombs.

And just think, you chose to read this blog of your own free will.

Aww. And now breakfast is over (sad!). Which means its time to go to work.

Tea today: Upton peach with flowers
Teacup today: Bat country

2011 03 29 daily commute 002 

2011 03 29 daily commute 001

Aw, now there's a sleepy dog head on my foot. How am I supposed to get up and go to work?
writing patience

so come like demons; i'll simply stand...

3,000 words on "Underground" today and tonight. I was going to stay up all night and finish it, but the flesh is weak. Silly flesh.

So I'm going to bed and I'll write the rest of it tomorrow. I know everything that happens, and I'm at the point where I just really wish I could download.

Also, the sooner I finish it, the sooner I get to spend a couple of days glutting myself on books and serial television.

It is possible that the thing I love most about the New Amsterdam continuity is that I get to put medieval Paris, London, and Moscow back where they belong. Because in this continuity, nobody bulldozed, bombed, or burned them. Well, okay, bits of London got bombed. But not until 1937 or so.

Sadly, not-St. Petersburg is a total loss, however.

Words word don't know: motheaten, squinch, griefs, clowders, mured, oathbound,