April 5th, 2011

criminal minds rossi not good

threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell.

Grr. Argh.

The dog and I are doing our taxes.

Teacup today: My worn old UConn mug, with the old logo. For reasons that will be obvious to anyone who follows college basketball. (I'd have been happier if the girls went all the way, of course. But they always have next year.)

Tea today: Queen Mary's strawberry peppercorn, which I love with an unholy passion. Although I did just have to send them an email asking why they only sent me half as much as I paid for. I believe this to be an honest mistake, and I'm sure they'll send the other half of the order post-haste.

2011 04 05 Daily Commute

And now I must stop being avoidant and go find last year's tax return, so I can go pick up this year's paper when the library opens.

To do today:

book sale stuff

To do Thursday:

Fall the hell over.

can't sleep books will eat me

born a hot white diamond burning through the rainbow

Hey, I got the post done early! (Waiting for the library to open so I can pick up those forms. You know the ones.)

The semi-annual book sale is on, and will run through Monday (4/11).

All titles are offered signed and personalized; shipping in US is included in the listed price.

I sell at cover price rounded up (I'm taking off the damned penny) plus $4.00 for mass market paperbacks/$6.00 trade paperbacks and trade hardcovers within the US.

For shipping outside the United States, please add an additional $6.00 per book to the listed price. This covers the cost of packaging and postage.

There are one or two items listed that will sell for more than cover price, because they are OOP or otherwise rare, and I need the money.

To purchase a book or set of books, please comment on this entry with your name and the books you would like to reserve, and the total you expect to pay.

Because I have limited quantities of each title, this is strictly first come, first served.

I will comment to let you know your order has been recieved and that stock is available, and to tell you what you owe. The address for money is matociquala at gmail dot com. Please wait for my comment before sending money.

When paying, please include your real name, your lj name, a list of what you have purchased, and your shipping address in the comments section of the paypal form. Otherwise it sometimes gets tricky to match up spikeluvr69 with Bob Jones, you know what I mean?

Yes, I only take paypal.


MMPB = mass market paperback
TPB = trade paperback (large format paperback)
THC = trade hardcover
LEHC = limited edition hardcover
CB = chapbook
M = magazine
A = anthology
OOP = Out of Print

Edda of Burdens:

All the Windwracked Stars 1st ed. THC OOP (20 copies available) ($32)
All the Windwracked Stars MMPB (20 copies available) ($12)

By the Mountain Bound 1st ed. THC OOP (8 copies available) ($32)
By the Mountain Bound MMPB (30 copies available) ($12)

The Sea Thy Mistress 1st ed. THC (14 copies available) ($32)

...if you want a set of the first edition hardcovers, signed and personalized, this would be the place to get them.

Promethean Age:

Blood & Iron  MMPB (7 copies available) ($12)

Whiskey & Water  1st ed. TPB OOP (2 copies  available) ($22)
Whiskey & Water  MMPB (18 copies available) ($12)

Ink & Steel 1st ed. TPB OOP (2 copies  available) ($22)
Ink & Steel MMPB (16 copies  available) ($12)

Hell & Earth 1st ed. TPB OOP (2 copies  available) ($22)
Hell & Earth MMPB (15 copies  available) ($12)


A Companion to Wolves MMPB (11 copies available) ($12)

New Amsterdam:

New Amsterdam 1st ed. LEHC w/CB OOP (2 copies available) ($136.00)*
Seven for a Secret 1st edition THC OOP (6 copies available) ($31.00)
The White City 1st edition THC (16 copies available) ($31.00)
The White City 1st ed. LEHC w/CB OOP (1 copy available) ($136.00)

I also have about 30 copies of the Tricks of London chapbook, which features an otherwise un-reprinted novella about Detective Crown Investigator Abigail Irene Garrett in her early days. I'm selling those for ten bucks apiece plus four dollars shipping, for a grand total of $14.00 each. This story has previously only been available with the limited edition of Seven for a Secret.

Jacob's Ladder:

Dust 1st ed. MMPB (2 copies available) ($12)

Chill 1st ed. MMPB (8 copies available) ($12)

Grail 1st ed. MMPB (12 copies available) ($12)

Eternal Sky world:

Bone & Jewel Creatures LEHC OOP (1 copy available) ($76)
Bone & Jewel Creatures THC OOP (10 copies available) ($36)

Anthologies and Collections:

Whedonistas TPB (1 copy available) ($21)
Inferno TPB (1 copy available) ($22)
Rich Horton ed. Year's Best F&SF 2009 TPB (1 copy available) ($26.00)
Jonathan Strahan Year's Best SF&F 2009 TPB (1 copy available) ($26.00)


Carnival unabridged audiobook on CD 
(2 sets available) ($63)

Undertow unabridged audiobook on CD (1 set available) ($58)
 unabridged audiobook on CD (1 set available) ($56)

*There's a Kindle edition on Amazon for five bucks, if all you need is a reading copy. Yay!

writing steles burning

here's to a friend. he knows you well and likes you just the same.

Tor's art department just let me know (via a public twitter announcement) that multiple-Hugo-winning artist Donato Giancola will be doing the covers for the Eternal Sky.

My first response? Supersonic squealing.

My second response: (checking date first): "OMG, I gotta put a dragon in the next one!"

(Actually, there were kind of dragon plans already.)

Okay, that makes up for two days of taxes.

Totally too excited to do whatever the heck I was going to do, now.