April 18th, 2011

twain & tesla

a great generousity prevailed in those doomed decades

There would be a tea photo, but I would have to get up. So:

Teacup today: green stoneware
Tea today: Taylor's of Harrogate lapsang souchong.

My roomie wants to go rock climbing tonight, outside. Considering how cold it still is, I'm not sure this is a brilliant idea.

Me, despite having gone to bed two hours early last night, I'm still exhausted. Who ordered this tired? It's misdelivered, and I have a book to finish.

Well, back at it, I guess.
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strong through storms and weak for gold

Too Many Necromancers aka The Shaded King aka This Thing Needs A Different Title

words today: 2000
words total: 15,000

15000 / 25000 (60.00%)

Reason for stopping: quota, and time to do a little stuff before climbing.
Research: anvils,
Exercise: see above, climbing. First trip outside this year, to which I am actually opposed, because I hate cold rock.
Mean things: mysterious guardians
Things needing names:  --
Things that did get named: --
Darling:  --
words Word don't know: eft, poreless
words I'm surprised Word does know: --
Tyop: --


spies mfu goodliest outside napoleon

i'm working. but i'm not working for you.

I've done two out of three revisiony tasks. The other one is the CEM for Range of Ghosts. Which is not happening today, perfesser. And tomorrow doesn't look good either.

Of course, I have until the end of the month to finish Too Many Necromancers or whatever it's called. And I've painted myself into a mighty corner, which means I need to kick it off to seeth for a while... except I don't really have enough time for that.

Meanwhile, I have conventions the weekend after next and the weekend after that, and I'm GoH at one of them.

And there's the Realms of Fantasy columns to do, and I haven't finished my reading for them yet.

Yeah, I'd say I'm running out of April fast.
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