April 25th, 2011

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though they might have tried their best they never caught the sun

2011 04 25 daily commute 003

Tea today: Upton's Sencha, Shizuoka #2
Teacup today: soloadventure bowl

I've decided I'm punting the CEM until I get to Texas. Of course, to compound my going-away guilt and stress, the GRD has a bladder infection and is on antibiotics. His grandmother will take good care of him, anyway.

Things to do today:

Strip bed.
Make bed.
Finish reading the book I am reading.
Post office.
Start reading the last three books for my RoF column.
Fold laundry.
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i can't drink enough to make this make sense

I'm making soup.

After I eat the soup, I will go upstairs and pack. And then I will read until bedtime. Still have not managed to watch last week's Mythbusters, for those of you playing along at home. I might do that instead.

Tomorrow, I will get on an airplane. I will see some of you at World Horror, which I am just ghosting (I plan to be in the bar on Saturday at the very least: come find me!)

You know, I have nothing to say for myself at all.

See you on the other side.
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