April 29th, 2011

lion in winter dead

I'm not a girl. I'm a genius.

Joanna Russ, 1937-2011

This book is written in blood. 

Is it written entirely in blood? 

No, some of it is written in tears. 

Are the blood and tears all mine? 

Yes, they have been in the past. but the future is a different matter. As the bear swore in Pogo after having endured a pot shoved on her head, being turned upside down while still in the pot, a discussion about her edibility, the lawnmowering of her behind, and a fistful of ground pepper in the snoot, she then swore a mighty oath on the ashes of her mothers (i.e. her forebears) grimly but quietly while the apples from the shaken apple tree above her dropped bang thud on her head: 

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i hear a voice from the back of the room

Well, it took all day, but I have handed in Too Many Necromancers. With the provisional title of "Book of Iron." Which I don't love, but maybe one of us will come up with something better.

I'm trying to figure out a clever thing for the chapbook story. And decide which lightly-published/unpublished piece is going to be first out of the gates for the short story subscription group.

So sleepy.

Okay, next job is the CEM. And then no more fiction due until November.
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