May 12th, 2011

iggy pop amazing abdomen

angels line my pockets

There are no words more blessed than Google Calendar's morning email saying, "You have no events scheduled for today."

Actually, I do: archery tonight. But I think other than that I'm going to make this an official Rest Day. It's unbelievably beautiful out: cool and clear, and the leaves are getting to grown-up size, and the lilacs and azaleas are blooming madly.

I should be working on Book of Iron. But I can't: what I need to write isn't in my brain yet, and nothing will put it there except for time and patience. I have two middle chapters to write: I know the broad strokes of what goes there, but not the details.

And I am very tired. Slept through both alarms this morning, and fell back asleep with the radio still on. Even though I was asleep by midnight last night.

So I think I will sit on the porch with some tea and a book and the dog, and pre-cook some things to see me through the busy week(s) to come (A roasted chicken. White beans and mushrooms. I found a nice tomato and am having BLATs for lunch, by god.). Maybe eventually take the D-O-G for a W-A-L-K. Normally, I hate taking a break with work undone, but right now the spirit is willing, but the brain is empty. I may have found a limit.

The Squirrel Police Never Sleeps:

2011 05 12 daily commute

Tea today: Upton Roobos Pretoria (bush tea with flowers, basically)
Teacup today: Shadow Unit

The cat has forgiven me. She moved back into my bed last night. I can't wait to see how unhappy she is with me after June/July. We may not talk for weeks.
hustle ash hell yes

tell me how is your angel food?

Postulate: the difference between a majority top 40 pop (does "top 40" even have a meaning anymore?) and the alternative/indie/punk/industrial/whatever scene is that the alternative/indie/punk.industrial/whatever knows how emotionally and psychologically fucked up it is, lyrically speaking.

Why yes, I am still listening to Morphine, The National, Thea Gilmore, and Rob Zombie....

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