May 15th, 2011

leighton pavonia

the fire in your eyes keeps me alive

While googling up an image of myself for a different reason, I just found this completely awesome caricature of myself from 2009. In august company, even. Obviously, I need to ego surf more.


Just got back from a friend's graduation party and talking my mom into coming to NYC with me on Wednesday on very short notice, since the person I was going with cancelled.

As a reminder, I will be reading at the KGB bar with Felix Gilman at sevenish Wednesday night.

So tired, and feeling kind of crappy and out of it. More TV and reading, I think.

2011 05 15 daily commute

Teacup today: green stoneware
Tea today: Stash ginger peach, because it's the kind of day for tea with ginger in. My goodness.
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