May 19th, 2011

criminal minds reid airquotes

"Look, it's important to remember the good things about this place. Because there have been a few."

Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06 x 24, "Supply & Demand," written by Erica Messer, directed by Charles S. Caroll

Today we're ruining the Rolling Stones. Oh, wait, they were already full of violent imagery. Nevermind then.

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can't sleep books will eat me

right become wrong. left become right.

2011 05 19 the daily commute

Tea today: Upton Christmas Tea
Teacup today: Squids, for book finishing.

Yesterday in New York was fun. It rained a lot:

2011 05 18 NYC 007

(That's inside the back greenhouse at DBA)

Here, have a picture of the Bryant Park carousel:

2011 05 18 NYC 003

Now I have to cowboy up and finish this draft of Book of Iron. Don't expect to see me on the internets much until it's done.
comic tick ninjas hedge

i was feeling near as faded as my jeans

Progress notes for 19 May 2011:

Book of Iron

New Words: 3,000
Total Words: 22,300
Pages: 106
Deadline: May 30
Reason for stopping: quota, more or less
Stimulants: Shizouka #2 Sencha from Upton
Exercise: n/a: my whole body aches from yesterday
Mail: n/a

I've revised my goal to 1.5K a day until it's finished. I don't think I currently have the will and stamina to push through and slaughter this thing.

Today's words Word don't know:  undiscomfited, poignard, scabbarded, unslung, dendritic
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Mean Things: Mothers, magic traps
Tyop du jour: 

[Ambrosius] reared up beside her, his ferret-skull heat at the level of her shoulder.

...the fine hairs on her arms, the name of her neck...

Darling du jour: The wine might not give her strength, but at least itcould buy her time.
Other writing-related work:

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problem cat

the very thing that makes her rich will make you poor.

Monkey: Um. Cat?
Complaint Department: *mysteriously absent*
Monkey: Why is there a hairball in my bed?
Complaint Department: *curiously elsewhere*
Monkey: Why is there a hairball in my bed, between the sheets?
Complaint Department: *nowhere to be found*
Monkey: Cat, if you're unwell, perhaps we need to go to the vet. Seriously. This hairball!
Complaint Department: It's spring. I'm shedding.
Monkey: In my bed!
Complaint Department: I didn't feel good. It was a very large hairball.
Monkey: Between the SHEETS!
Complaint Department: The kitten tucked me in. Besides, it was time you changed the sheets anyway.
Monkey: I just changed them last week.
Complaint Department: You're not the only one who sleeps in this bed, you know.
Monkey: Trust me. I know.
Complaint Department: ...
Monkey: I don't love you anymore.
Complaint Department: You were never worthy of me anyway.

hairball roulette
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evile overbear

i'm standing on a ledge and your fine spiderweb is fastening my ankle to a stone

La Datlow has posted her pictures from the KGB reading I did with the redoubtable Felix Gilman, including a couple of me.

Elizabeth Bear 3

A reasonably cute Bear, if you ignore the beer I spilled on my shirt and the soaking-wet hair. ("It was raining in New York City yesterday, Mr Watson, I deduce.") :-P (It was not a good day for keeping food off my shirt.)

And this is why I sometimes worry people:

Elizabeth Bear 2
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