June 12th, 2011

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some days i feel like my shadow's casting me

I have a belly full of lox bagel and cappuchino, after an exceedingly cold dip in the Irish Sea this morning (air temperatuire, 9 degrees C not counting the significant wind chill, no sun, whitecaps tossing the bay). Now I can say I've done it, and I never have to do it again.

It was warmer than cave water. Barely.

Also, we have attained Mordor. The Morannon is apparently a bagel joint in Balbriggan.

2011 06 12 Balbriggan Ireland 013

Mordor serves a very nice cappuchino dusted with cocoa powder.

2011 06 12 Balbriggan Ireland 016

Just what you need after a long chilly walk.

If you were wondering, I started my walk to Mordor 1612 days ago, and since then I have walked/swum/kayaked/biked 2290 miles, for an average of 1.4 miles a day.

I'm kind of glad to be done. *g*

Now it's back to working on this novelette that's due July 1, which I would like to get to 5,000 words today. Which requires some dedication, I admit, because I have about 1750 words written. Getting to the halfway point would mean that I can knock the rest of it out before I leave Europe, though, which would be good--because that would leave me only four 500-word book reviews and a 3,000 word article to finish by month's end. Oh, and two conventions and a little transatlantic travel.

It's a good thing I'm superhuman.
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you're about as easy as a nuclear war

Revelation for the day: MS Word does not know "Brigid" or "achily." But it knows Nijinsky.

WTF MS Word?

I think I'm declaring myself off the clock at 3500 words, which is 2000 for the day. Because I do not know what happens next.
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