June 14th, 2011

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badder than ol' king kong. meaner than a junkyard dog.

So I'm in Molly's, a coffee shop in Balbriggan, Ireland, with the best goat cheese sammiches on the planet, and the music playing is the Frank Sinatra version of "Mack the Knife."

Which I notice, even though I'm supposed to be working on my novelette, because one of the lines in the last verse involves Mack being "badder than Leroy Brown."

As you know, Bob, Leroy Brown is the eponymous antihero of a song by the great Jim Croce. He comes to a bad end.**

Mr. Brown seems to be in the process of attaining folk hero status, because he also appears in Queen's "Bring Back that Leroy Brown," and a Dr. John tune, "U Lie 2 Much," wherein he is compared to another antihero of the folk process, Stagger Lee*.

Which appened to come up on my winamp shuffle the other day in the Johnny Winter cover version, occasioning me to remark to stillsostrange that it was a cover of a Dr. John tune, and play that for her too.

Thesis: Leroy Brown is following us around Ireland. This can only end in tears.

*"Stagger Lee and Leroy Brown, you lie with every man in town."

**Sinatra has also covered "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown."

ETA: Muzak now playing a mariachi version of "Hotel California." I want to stay here forever.
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you are still a novice in grief. wait 'til you grow old.

QOTD: "This is going to end badly." --hawkwing_lb, reading Euripedes.

The third and final part of "The Small Dark Movie of Your Life" by Leah Bobet (leahbobet) is up, concluding season 3 of Shadow Unit.

As coffeeem says elseinternets, the story is never about Solomon Todd. Solomon Todd exists to tell the story.

Please stay tuned for the traditional inter-season content, beginning in two weeks.

Some music to go with the story.

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who knows, mister gibson, what is and what is not relevant?

Dialect questionnaire!

In my recent European travels, I've noticed a couple of dialect markers of which I was previously unaware, and it made me curious.


Poll #1752272 What time is it?

If you wish to indicate a time, such as 7:30 PM, which of the following idioms would you use?

"seven thirty"
"half eight"
"half seven"
"half after seven"
"nineteen thirty"
something else, which I will list in comments

I am from: