August 5th, 2011

writing steles burning

i don't need a helmet to get me through life

I just got to see a preliminary sketch of the endpaper map for Range of Ghosts.

It's gonna be gorgeous.

A gorgeous, big, sprawling, phat phantasy with maps, baby. That's right.

We're coming to your town.

Hey, let's see that amazing cover art one more time!

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writing steles burning

i am iron man.

...and soon, real soon, possibly this weekend, possibly today, I need to sit down with a bunch of 3x5 cards and my outline notes for Shattered Pillars, and come up with an actual chronology for events in the book.

Because right now what I have is a disorganized sheaf of notes that says things like "Haboob!" and "Bouldering the medieval city!" and "Geomancy dragon!" and "They are not eaten by eels at this time!"

And you know, that's all fascinating, but a list of really cool shit is not a plot. Despite what some books seem to think.

And I just thought of a third cool thing, and this one solves a plot problem I had been having.

Oh yeah. There's a book in there somewhere. Lurking. Waiting.

It's coming back.

I can feel it.
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ascii frog by Jean Seok

busy in the head and i'm feeling blue

A partial outline of Shattered Pillars.

2011 08 05 partial outline for Shattered Pillars

Yep, there is a little Photoshop spoiler redaction going on here and there.

What this has taught me is that I need to spend a lot more time thinking about what my antags are up to.
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