September 4th, 2011

rengeek fucking silence

is this your life the one from your dreams

Another thousand words on Shattered Pillars today, despite personal obligations involving my best friend and his birthday cake. Not a banner day for The Discipline, but it could, quite frankly, have been a lot worse.

I now have a tenth of a book, at a projected/contracted 500 pages/120K, as I am halfway down page 52. Actual, palpable progress. I have also broken 10,000 MicroSoft words. Which are not quite like real words.

Tomorrow, more work.

Right now, via kafkonia, a newish She Wants Revenge video, which is--after the nature of She Wants Revenge--both curiously derivative of 80's gothy alt music (Joy Division, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy &c.) and also uncannily sexy and even more uncannily creepy.

I noticed that the Male Gaze in this one was probably a serial killer around the fifty second mark, personally....