September 8th, 2011

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the lord don't hear no gambler's prayer

First things first: as a matter of fact, I am pretty goddamned proud of myself. 

Since Twitter hashtags are finite beasts, here is a compiled list of all the recommendations, assembled by megwrites on Dreamwidth, who has done yeoman's work. 

Why not support a Big Gay* Novelist today?

I am also pretty goddamned proud of my writing partner.

I'm just as goddamned proud of that boy that I like, who is eloquent and intelligent and nerdy about litcrit and Shakespeare and how artists disserve themselves and their art, and also pretty fucking funny in opposition to Scott Card's rampant bigotry.

I'd also like to point out that in my estimation, Subterranean Press--which publishes, I must add, tons of work by Big Queer Writers such as greygirlbeast and myself--is handling this situation with a good deal of grace and concern.


*That's the inclusive gay, not the exclusive one.

(And if you want a gay Shakespeare book, I'd be happy to sell you one. Or two. May I recommend Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth?)

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Nothing makes it obvious how your core strength is doing like practicing headstands and handstands.

I'm actually managing to pull myself away from the wall for almost a full second in headstand these days. That's progress! Despite having been intermittent in my practice since I got back from Armadillocon.

It's good to have room for improvement.

2011 09 08 daily commute

Tea today: Kusmi's brilliant Prince Vladimir chai, to which I was first introduced by kelliem
Teacup today: greeny blue one from Baltimore

Now to go kill some words until it's time to go to archery.
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Much delayed by travel, hard drive crash, and full dance card (or possibly empty brain), put Post Card #2 of the Post Card Project is going out tomorrow to an undisclosed recipient. I have hopes to do a couple of these a week until I'm caught up, and I really want to thank everybody who requested one for their patience.

They're turning into more booklets than post cards. It turns out 250 words is a lot. *g*

In other news, there will be another book sale next week, because by God I am not moving all these author copies to Massachusetts.

2011 09 08 postcard project 001

2011 09 08 postcard project 002

And meanwhile, a very spoilery, very early review of ad eternum. Did I warn you it was spoilery? No, REALLY spoilery.