September 10th, 2011

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we don't have to stay with these people whose ideas are just what other people say

2011 09 10 daily commute

tea today: Upton Russian Caravan
teacup today: brown stoneware one that stwish just gave me as a birthday present.

I'm feeling lazy and out of focus today, but I did manage to get up and run this morning, which is a step in the right direction.

Just had one of those "huh" experiences, where something I thought I knew from twenty-two years ago turned out to have been actually a miscommunication. Oh, eighteen year olds are dumb. Well, it all worked out okay for everybody in the end.

The nice thing about all the 9/11 retrospective crap is that it makes it easy to turn off the radio and get to work.

...which is what I shall be doing now. Four pages or bust!
writing steles burning

tear off your own head. it's a dark revolution.

2000 words on Shattered Pillars today, which means it's quittin' time. The plot is ticking along nicely, and I just it the end of Chapter 5. I have 90 manuscript pages, which means that Monday, with luck, I will hit the magical hundred page mark where it starts feeling like there's some actual substance to the book.

And now, time for other things.