September 22nd, 2011

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"I'm not okay with this."

I suspect this year my reactions to That Show I Like are going to be turning up on Thursdays, due to Wednesday nights being left to climbing and so on.

Please bear with us.

being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 07x01, "It Takes a Village," written by (new showrunner) Erica Messer, directed by Glenn Kershaw

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My show. It's back.

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let me loosen up the blindfold

Ooops. Guess who just failed blood donation? Hemoglobin .2 too low!

Alas. Guess I did not abuse red meat enough this menstrual cycle. Or maybe scheduling it for the day after my cycle stopped was a bad idea? Naah.

Or possibly I drank too much tea.

I know. "Too much tea." You wouldn't think it possible. But it does limit iron absorption.

RX: eat some damned cow, red wine, and spinach and go back in a couple of days. Oh, it's so hard being me.

Also, thank you to the entire internets for the birthday wishes. You guys are amazing.
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Why authors have no interest in stealing your ideas, part six thousand.

So there's this writer chat I hang out with--basically an online writer's group--where we basically try to be a good influence on each other. And a virtual water cooler, an d a "Hey, how do I...?"

Conversation that took place ten seconds ago:

[14:54] stillsostrange: I need a word to describe the way a ghost glows
[14:54] stillsostrange: spectral and preternatural have been used close by.
[14:56] beatriceeagle: Eerie.
[14:58] matociquala: fungal
[14:59] matociquala:
[14:59] beatriceeagle: Bioluminescence, yay!
[15:00] matociquala: or necroluminescence in this case
[15:01] beatriceeagle: Someone should really write a story about the biology of ghosts' glows.
[15:01] matociquala: I nominate you.

The truth is that anybody who is qualified to write a publishable story has, well... years of experience in generating ideas. We have more damned ideas than we know what to do with. The problem is finding time and energy and creativity to write them all.

Ideas are the easy part.

And even if Bea and Amanda and I all decided to write that story... they would, all three, be unbelievably different. Because we're different people, that's why.

(Oh sure, sometimes you'll see writers sitting around a table in a bar, and somebody will toss out a brilliant idea, and somebody else will say, "Can I steal that?!" And usually? The person who produced the idea will shrug and say "Yes." Because we know the truth: ideas are cheap. Execution, now that's expensive.)