October 5th, 2011

new england maple leaves cambridge

let the sun run down right behind the hill; i know how to stand there still till the moon rise up

Today, my dear Mr. Lynch and I tried very hard indeed to contribute to the post-Irene revitalization of the northern New England economy by doing a little leaf peeping. But despite a determined effort, and the assurances of the local foliage maps, we found... a hell of a lot of green.

Excuse me, October, you seem to be a little late this year.

In other news, the foliage map is a lying liar that lies.

At least the Green Mountains lived up to their name. And the drive up is always pretty. And there was ice cream in Northampton, and a visit to The Raven.

All in all, a good--perhaps I should say excellent--and very vacationy day.

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