December 6th, 2011

writing gorey earbrass conscious but ver

i must admit you kind of bore me

It's not actually a draft. But I'm calling it one. Because I have all the pieces of the thing that will eventually become a book: they're just in the wrong order and inside out and some clever things and what that boy I like calls "grace notes" are still to arrive. But I've gotten a whole narrative arc, at least... even if some of it isn't exactly written yet.

Because at this point, I know what I need to do. Which is, more or less, punt: stop writing forward, print the novel out, and begin the hard task of revising it into something that will eventually become the publishable manuscript. Or, to put it another way... it's time to take this sort of helter-skelter pile of novel bits and build an actual house out of it.

Which I may then drop on the nearest witch with stripy socks, which in this case would be me.

Let the post-novel ennui commence!

Hey, I've been meaning to catch up on Mythbusters and Flashpoint.

comic tick ninjas hedge

and now you do what they told you.

State of the Honeydew:


Three reviews for Ideomancer: Dec 31, 2011
Revise "The Governess": December 15 2011
OWW EC crit: December 15, 2011
Revise "Faster Gun": December 31, 2011
Shattered Pillars: December 31, 2011

Revise Shattered Pillars: January 31, 2012
Untitled Abby Irene stories: March 2012
New story for collection: March 2012
"Latency": March 2012
An Apprentice to Elves: June 11, 2012 with truepenny
Hard SF adventure story: June 11, 2012
Steles of the Sky : November 2012
"Underworld": September 2012

Epic ConFusion: January 20-22, Troy MI
ConStellation: April 13-15, Lincoln NE (Guest of Honor)
KGB Reading (not mine): April 18, 2012 KGB bar, Manhattan
WisCon: May 25-28, Madison WI
4th Street Fantasy Conversation: June 21-24, Minneapolis MN
ConVergence: July 5-8, Minneapolis MN
Readercon: July 12-15, Burlington MA
Armadillocon: July 26-29, Austin TX
ChiCon: August 30-Sept 3, Chicago IL
Viable Paradise: October 5-14, Oak Bluffs MA
World Fantasy Convention: November 1-4, 2012, Toronto

"Dark Leader": March 2013
"Something's Gotta Eat T. rexes": September 2013

No fixed deadline:

"The Deeps of the Sky"
Karen Memory
Smile (unless its name is actually Salt Water)
Unsuitable Metal
Gotham Jazz

"Form & Void"
"Untitled Space Opera Thingy" aka "Periastron"
"Steel Monkey"
"Posthumous Jonson"
"The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"
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there will always be a faster gun... but there'll never be another one like you.

Manuscripts in need of revision: from left to right, Shattered Pillars, "Governess," and "Faster Gun." That's a pile of scrap paper on the bottom.

Yes, I am pretty smug right now. But never fear, the post-novel ennui will be along fairly soon--although possibly not until after I finish the revisions.
I'll start on "Governess" tomorrow. Right now... I'm reveling in not writing. Tomorrow, I will be reveling in not having to wear my wrist braces as I pound out endless words.

I think it's time for exercise, and then some kind of food or something.