January 28th, 2012

always winter

first i'm gonna make it then i'm gonna break it 'til it falls apart

Our Heroine's Stomach: We're hungry!
Our Heroine: You just had lunch! Tasty beans and cheese and tortilla and hot sauce!
OHS: We want Turkish delight!
OH: You are done eating until snacktime. Anyway, we don't have any Turkish delight!
OHS: Rosewater and lemon Turkish delight!
OH: The closest place to get that is in West Hartford! An hour and ten minutes away!
OHS: We don't care! Bring us Turkish delight!
OH: We are supposed to be working! We're also supposed to be working on having our pants fit!
OHS: It's a business expense! We're writing a scene set in Samarcan't! How is Turkish delight not relevant?
OH: You tire me, meat. Isn't it enough that I give you Kzinti failed Jedi and wuxia ninjas?
OHS: *sulks* We can't eat those.
OH: Back to the word mines, you. Maybe if you're good there'll be some rose petal tea in it for you.
OHS: Not the same.
OH: Tough cookies.
OHS: Ooo. Cookies!
true blood lafayette god save

just close your eyes dear

I have a headcold, and yes, I finished chapter 16 of Shattered Pillars today, but I should have kept working on chapter 17.

Instead, I'm drinking slivovitz and setting up a tumblr account.

This can only end well, right?

Anyway, I have the ask-a-question thingy activated, so if there was anything you wanted to know, here's your chance.

Also, that boy I like has a new story out today, and there's a link to an excerpt.