February 3rd, 2012

writing eternal sky rog

my back was strong, my body fleet. now i ache all over.

words Word don't know: thearchate, lutenist

Well, it's Zeno's novel, but at least it's started rolling downhill. I had a truly epic day today: 4000 + words, and the bulk of it went easily.

There is still a chapter and a half to write, despite the fact that I finished chapter 17 today and wrote half of chapter 18, including an absolutely kickass scene, if I do brag so myself. There will always be a chapter and a half to write. But I did get actually closer to the end today, and moved the narrative forward instead of going back to add bracing.

I still suspect that stillsostrange is going to beat me to the end of the revision. Admittedly, I'm writing all new stuff at this point, and she's fixing old stuff. But still. Sigh. I don't think I am going to have this done by Monday. I wish I could be done by Monday. Maybe Wednesday.

Specific mean things would be spoilerish, but let's just leave it at the human wreckage left by sociopathic necromancers, and arriving too late.

508 pages, 104,000 Miscrosoft words, 127,000 manuscript words.

127000 / 120000 words. 106% done!