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being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06x22, "Out of the Light," written by Roger Hedden, directed by Douglas Aarniokoski.

Ooo, CM steals the Flashpoint opening trick. And does it well. I like the cold open a lot.

Reid's clinical detachment creeps out another bystander.

Understrength team is understrength. Also? dynamic all wrong without the women. It becomes more and more obvious--especially as the victims are women, and the field team is almost all men.

I probably should be writing something right now, but I'm totally distracted by the tension in the episode and Morgan's forearms.

Blue is definitely Garcia's color. This writer is not much for the snappy banter, but he's got a good handle on the characters.

"They like to operate without a spouse looking over their shoulder."
"Don't we all." Seaver: made of win and puppies. And Rossi snorts approval: is she to be his understudy in snark?

Oh, Sheriff. This is not how we do things. That was the Very Quiet Hotchalance.

Angry Rossi is angry.

Oh, and Seaver gets to do big girl things. And withholding Hotch is withholding.

Reid and Morgan crack the case! 

The tenser things get, the faster Hotch talks.

Ooo, and Rossi has the keys to Talbot. Nice.

"I told you not to lie." Lies and liers. Drink! 

PSA! Drink!

Are we going to have to add creeeeepy wind chimes to the list? Hey, it's the official CM Creepy Barn in a recurring cameo!

"What? My second wife was crafty!" Yeah, Rossi's a secret stained glass crafter.

Morgan and Garcia crack the case!

Action!Morgan! Now with stealth!Hotch. Wow, two officer-involved shootings in a row. A rarity.

CM is really beating the odds on CPR...

Oh, evil mastermind escapes.

"Soccer formations?"
"I'm Italian."

Aww. Mantegna gets to use his physical comedy chops, even if briefly.

Well, that was a perfectly cromulent monster-of-the-week episode. And some nice character bits. I give it a B.

This is an OSHA-Approved Cop Show. We have gone zero (0) episodes without a main-cast involved shooting....

Aaron Hotchner, establishes a clear lead with 6.5 (The Tribe, A Real Rain, Legacy (split with Morgan, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Catching Out--and then he beat George Foyet to death with his bare hands in 100. And now the knife-wielding UNSUB in "What Happens at Home..." in like the single most blase shooting in the history of Criminal Minds. Also partial credit for "The Thirteenth Step." And underwater slaughter in "Out of the Light.").

Derek Morgan falls to second place in the roll of the damned at 5.5. (Charm & Harm (split with Elle), Lessons Learned, Open Season (split with Prentiss), Legacy (split with Hotch, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Minimal Loss (three in the center of mass). Also, "Outfoxed," more or less in extremis. A full audience participation suicide by cop in "Our Longest Night".  And partial credit for "The Thirteenth Step.") 

Emily Prentiss, third place with either 4 or 3.5, depending on whether one of those offscreen gunshots in Open Season was actually hers, or if all three were Morgan's. I award her the kill because of her reaction on the plane afterward. The .25 is the other quarter of Charles Holcomb in Legacy, who went down like Frankie. The first 1 is the suicide-by-cop in "Lo-Fi." The second 1 is Dale Schrader in "Retaliation." Which could have been Morgan's kill, but I'm giving it to Emily because the hostage seems madder at her later. Death-by-pissed-off-girlnerd of James Thomas in "Compromising Positions." And now, the hail of gunfire in "The Thirteenth Step.")

Future vigilante killer Elle Greenaway: holding on to fourth with 2.5 (Extreme Aggressor, Charm & Harm (split with Morgan), Aftermath) despite not having been with the show for 4.75 seasons now.

Rossi: climbs to 5th with 2.25, the first in his very first episode (About Face). Having established that he is a badass, did not then badass until "The Thirteenth Step." That's over three seasons. ("Welcome to the Enterprise. Would you like to beat up my Klingon?") Then takes out the bad guy with surgical precision in "The Stranger." Hotch should probably get partial credit for risking his neck playing distraction.

The mild-mannered but deadly Dr. Spencer Reid, falling to 6th place at 2 kills (LDSK; Revelations)

JJ: 1, in Penelope. And RIGHT THROUGH THE FBI SEAL. Hello Symbolism Much? Also, three dogs and my eternal respect. She is 1:1 bullets:kills.

Seaver: No bodies yet

Garcia still doesn't kill people.

Gideon has never discharged his weapon. However, he has beaten somebody all to hell with a clubbed shotgun.


Also, forearm porn is never the wrong answer.
I loved that Derek got to tackle a river tonight. <3
Indeed he did. Mountains next.
Probably an EXPLODING mountain, knowing Derek.

That bit at the end was so Hotch-n-Rossi perfect that I swear I could hear slash writers squealing all over the country.
I'm really glad they gave Mantegna a chance to do a little physical comedy bit. The mincing run was awesome.

Rossi is so damned STERN AND SARDONIC that it's easy to forget how freaking funny the guy who plays him is.
I have less than no interest in Hotch/Rossi in particular, but that scene comes pretty darn close to being a No Heterosexual Explanation Moment.
I gotta say, the creepy level of the UNSUBS on this show make it a wonder I don't have nightmares after watching it. Gaaaah.
I have two things to say about this episode -- First, PROCEDURAL FAIL! There's no reason they would have used one successful set of arrest tactics on Talbot, and then thrown them out the window when going to pick up suspect #2, just so he could get away. There is no way they'd have gone to the restaurant without sending a second team to his home, and all of them would have known the make of car from the word go.

Sadly, I'm getting used to the writers making screw ups like that. When do we get the good writers back from the spinoff? I really miss them these days.

And second? Go, go, Captain America!
I agree that the episode was solid, not a knock-out but not horrible. I thought they could have done more with how the profile related to Brenner's recreation of Rose, like they did with the unsub in "Cold Comfort."

And since AJ confirmed a new contract, even if the field team is still mostly male, we'll get a reprieve next season?

p.s. longtime lurker, I love the recaps and the discussion!
Jack continues to be so adorable that I suspect they're setting up something awful just to hurt us worse. Also, I have no idea how Hotch (and Rossi, god damn it I didn't want to ship it but they're making it hard not to) expects to be around enough to coach a soccer team. Every other practice they're going to be gone for a case! Hopefully there's another co-coach whose job has much more regular hours.

Morgan's expression as he gave Marcy CPR was gutwrenching. I'm not sure if we were supposed to draw such a clear parallel to his failure to save Emily (as far as he knows), but I definitely did. Though CPR is not the only thing you are supposed to do to help a drowning victim, and it alone would have had a very, very slim chance of saving her in real life. Come on, Morgan, don't they teach you anything in the FBI?

(I found your recaps the other day through TVTropes and read through them all in one sitting. Thank you for making me love my favorite show even more.)
I'm gonna assume the Emily parallel was intentional, because I switched on the TV just as the episode was starting and I was sure it was another "Previously On" there for a second.
I'm going for an intentional parallel, me. *g*
I don't think I've seen much crappier CPR/first aid in a TV show for years, if ever. Wrong place, wrong technique, wrong for Morgan to be doing the pumping and the breathing and the counting while other first responders stand around being useless, extremely extremely unlikely that she'd come out of it like that, and wrong recovery position.

I know, it's all for the sake of drama. But I wish sometimes they'd play with the dramatic possibilities of realism for a change.

Plus, didn't I hear Morgan say "She's got a pulse" just before starting CPR? You never, never, never do CPR on someone whose heart is currently beating.
Shhh! They might hear you and think, "Hey, we should do something awful to Jack!" Nooooo.

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Well, medical ain't Morgan's strong point; we've seen plenty of that before.
Understrength team is understrength. Also? dynamic all wrong without the women. It becomes more and more obvious--especially as the victims are women, and the field team is almost all men.

Good thing JJ is coming back at the end of the season. And, dare we hope for Emily as well? (We could actually reach gender parity! Now that would be cool.)

Are we going to have to add creeeeepy wind chimes to the list?

Yep. (Once is an accident, but twice is that thing we don't believe in. For values of "we" that include Shadow Unit fandom, that is.)

Action!Morgan! Now with stealth!Hotch. Wow, two officer-involved shootings in a row. A rarity.

Not only the original stealth weapon, but death from below. Whoever knew Hotch was secretly a fast-attack submarine?

Meanwhile, Morgan pulls the victim out of the depths (literally). I think that one counts as a fishing tackle.

CM is really beating the odds on CPR...

Especially since I think they were Doing It Rong. It's been a couple of decades since I went through EMT school, but as I recall the 5:1 compressions:breaths ratio was for two-rescuer CPR, not single-rescuer. (And why wasn't Hotch helping?)

Oh, evil mastermind escapes.

At least now I know what's behind the red door at Talbot's. (Hey, I'm a guy; I never shop there.)
"Whoever knew Hotch was secretly a fast-attack submarine?"

Hotchner as SSN? The Silent Service indeed...and oddly appropriate.

I just got around to watching this ep., and all I've got to say is that Hotch looks five years younger (at least) when he laughs, and reminds me of just how gorgeous Thomas Gibson is.
Also, that dialogue where Hotch says they don't keep score in Jack's age group and Rossi says "That bad?" -- clearly the writer has experience with youth sports programs for small kids. : )
Can't resist a little snark at the idea that we don't know how to interview a suspect in backards ole Nawth Carolina. I live and worked in a small (30K) rural county and once spent most of a shift in Communications with a detective who had just been assigned to sex crimes; she was trying to figure out how she was going to do her interrogations - the (male) detective who was training her did it by sympathizing with the suspect. He would take a good ole boy approach, talk "guy talk" with the suspect, how a guy couldn't be expected to resist when the young girls were "asking for it", get him talking and as often as not get a confession - after which he would head to the restroom to throw up.

I was glad, though, to see the sheriff wasn't a complete Barney; knew how to handle a pistol and flashlight and how to clear a room. Is Roger Hedden a new writer? Most of the time the show is pretty respectful of local LE, even when they're having a bad day.

Just seems worse when it's close to home, I guess. Just saw the rerun and it's not a bad ep, Seaver was well used and the red herring was pretty well done, even if he did turn out to be pink instead of red after all.