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The end of an era.

Well, that's the Stratford Man reference books packed up and put away, and the cubbies on my desk where the references for the 'current project' go all cleaned out.Nothing there now but a small desk dictionary, a very big thesaurus, The Deluxe Transitive Vampire, a baby-name book, Albion (because I'm likely to use that one again and again, I expect), and three slender trade paperbacks on the craft and business of writing. (John Gardner, Donald Maass, and Richard Curtis), because I tend to want to grab those occasionally to look something up.

I even got my stock of empty Penguin Mints, Altoids, Hoof Mints, and Flavigny Pastilles tins that I save (because I'm sure to need a candy tin sooner or later, for something) shoved into a drawer.

And I just bought my research books for the Scardown revisions and Worldwired.

The Scardown revision pass is shaping up nicely. I have four pages of handwritten notes and a marked-up copy of Jenn's editorial letter, and I think I have identified all the scenes I need to add and the substantive changes that need to be made. (It'll probably be between six and 10K of changes. [Oh, look at that A.P. style creeping out there with the number formats in that previous sentence. You can take the girl out of the newspaper, but you can't take the newspaper out of the girl.])

I have all my packages to various people mailed except one, to buymeaclue, which I need to send out this week, and all short stories are out somewhere beating the pavement, looking for work. I'm really feeling very virtuous today.

Virtuous, and sleepy. And not quite itchy enough to start writing again yet.

Life is good.
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