March 23rd, 2013

criminal minds reid runs like a girl

through the night. through the dawn.

stillsostrange and evynrude and I saw the fireball last night, over Westport, CT. It was amazing and beautiful, and we actually mistook it for a firework it seemed so bright and close--green and orange and gold and shedding sparks all the way. Gorgeous: best one I have ever seen.

And then stillsostrange and I got up in the cold pink dawn and put our socks on and drove to West Haven.

And I have run a half marathon. It was really boring and my glutes are killing me, but I'm pretty pleased to have done it and it wasn't so bad.


(Photo: Amanda Downum)

Now Amanda and I are off to an Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson concert, as out reward for Valkyieness.