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turtle, balcony, etc.

LepreCon has been survived. It was a lot of fun. The book-fan track was intimate, and if you weren't there you missed (among other things) an impromptu concert by coffeeem (with truepenny and me singing what passes for harmony around here) at the Shadow Unit soundtrack panel, a fascinating conversation on forensics with Nora Rankin, a DNA analyst, and so much other fabulous stuff that it's all a blur.

Last night after the con ended, truepenny and I hiked up that butte again and watched the sun set from the top in gusting winds (I have such a crush on your buttes, Phoenix). Dusty purple mountains against a luminous, cloud-streaked sky--all floating in a sea of lights.

Then we wandered around until we found a sandwich place (Bison Witches), and ate turkey sammiches in the warm wind. One of those absolutely perfect nights.

Now I am using the free wireless in Sky Harbor airport and watching the sun rise over a different terminal.

Soon, I will be on a plane for six and a half hours. Looks like it will be completely full, but I have the leftovers from my goodie bag to sustain me. And then I will be home, where I keep my dog, my cat, and my own bed.

These things seem very important right now.

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