December 31st, 2014

criminal minds garcia plan b

they can't get enough of that doomsday song

Yesterday was a comedy of errors here at the ranch. I was supposed to be picking Scott up at the airport, and this is how his day went. So no Scott, and all our holiday plans have exploded as a result.

Disappointing, to say the least. And the hazard of long-distance relationships.

I bake to cope. And, in baking to cope news, I made a lovely lime olive oil cake for tonight... except I made it in the fancy elaborate new rose-shaped Bundt pan I got for christmas, and the damned thing won't come out!

I prepared the pan properly and have tried all the tricks to get it out in one piece: I think the recipe is just too sticky for this particular design of Bundt.

(It's delicious, though.)

I guess we're having trifle.

At least raspberries go well with lime.


ETA: HAH I GOT IT OUT OF THE PAN THE FREEZING AND THAWING TRICK WORKED. It's not perfect--some of the petals are broken--but it looks like it overbaked slightly at the edges and that's why it stuck.

Freeze/thawing and then steam-heating the pan loosened it enough so I could pry it out with my fingertips.

Powdered sugar fixes everything.