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i don't know where you find your nerve. i don't know how you choose your words.

I have good news, you see!

While I was world-traveling, a pair of sub rights sales have occurred! Czech rights for Czardown... er, Scardown... have gone to [predictably] my Czech publisher, LASER Books--and audio rights to Chill and Grail have gone to Recorded Books, who did the audio versions of Carnival, Undertow, and Dust.

Also, Asimov's will be publishing "In the House of Aryaman, A Lonely Signal Burns" at some future date to be determined, and I have a pending gig to write a hard-SF near-future novelette for a publication to be named once the contract is signed, which is about the coolest gig ever.

Now I just have to find three spare seconds to get this other short fiction done before I start Shattered Pillars in earnest. Which will be after Clarion, if you were wondering. Though there may be a week of sleeping in there somewhere too.

In less exciting news, we're moving to Discipline 2.0, as Discipline 1.0 is failing to shift the weight I need shifted, and I cannot actually exercise more. O calorie restrictions; O carbohydrate restrictions; ) animal fat restrictions.

Good thing I like beans.
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