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so much rock and roll love in a plastic case

This is your one-week warning: I will be in NYC next Wednesday for a KGB reading with Felix Gilman. Come play! I'll probably be hanging out at dba on 1st Ave before the reading--if you are in the city, come find me!

Back to the daily grind:

2011 05 11 daily commute

Teacup today: My GoH gift from LepreCon, a mug from Sylvan complete with Green Man.
Tea today: Brazilian Sweet Orange yerba mate from Queen Mary Teas.

I wrote 400 words on the Book of Iron revision yesterday and was forced to admit that I need to come up with something awesome before I continue. So today will be devoted (mostly) to coming up with something awesome. And possibly recuperating. And then climbing.

I may be forced to admit, bought up in endurance or not, that I need a little time to recover. Hopefully a stroke of genius will ensue. (Seriously, I need a super cool idea. And those sometimes take a little time to generate.)

I did also get 3/4 of my travel arranging for the rest of the summer done, though, and sent an email about the other bit. June and early July will be lost in a haze of airplanes, conventions, teaching gigs, and ports of call: then I have to write Shattered Pillars. And not go anywhere for more than an overnight until Viable Paradise. (Still accepting applications: now with Special Guest Instructor Steven Brust!)

The glamour, man. The glamour.
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