January 3rd, 2015

lion in winter broken because you're bri

they move so smooth but have no answers

As I mentioned on twitter, I see it's the season of the inevitable lists of Best Fantasy Novels Mostly By White Men of 2014, and also of Most Anticipated Fantasy Novels Mostly By White Men Forthcoming in 2015. Excelsior, I guess.

As for me? The best revenge is writing more and better stories. I've got a little over 2000 words of the projected 8000 in "And the Balance in Blood." Still haven't quite figured out how the terrible thing that has to happen is going to happen, but I believe I have tomorrow's slapstick sorted, so that will carry me through at least to Monday. And I'm still enjoying it rather a lot.

And today's teacup is new! Or new to me, anyway--a neighbor picked it up at the Give And Take at the transfer station, and thought of me. It's a holiday poinsettia and spruce pattern from Royal Albert that is called, for some reason, "South Pacific." The tea today was Stash's White Christmas, which I love all year 'round.

And... it's snowing.

I'm about to celebrate having finished a reasonable amount of work at a reasonable hour by going to watch some Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries while stretching out, and then making meatloaf for dinner. (Insert Rocky Horror joke here.)

These are all manageable deadlines if I work steadily and my brain cooperates with good ideas.

It's a weird feeling, manageable deadlines.