January 19th, 2015

criminal minds jj hit what she aimed at

i'd trade every single one of them for a starry night.

Autocorrect does not believe in padparadschas, and suspects they should be pachysandras. These are not even remotely similar, autocorrect

Also, I should probably stop using the word vermilion every again.

But I won't.

I got a bunch done on the Worldspinners stuff today, and 700 words of The Stone in the Skull that I am very proud of. Also, ran two miles, attended a yoga class, and climbed. And met my new doctor.

And a nice big box of trade paperback copies of Shattered Pillars arrived on my porch, courtesy of the UPS ninja! Look!

Teacup today: My grandmother's yellow one.
Tea today: Christmas blend

Bed now, I think. Yes.