February 3rd, 2015

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i ain't a bad man, but i know i ain't good

Because it came up....

Everybody has a pet peeve, and mine is lie/lay errors. It is the one grammatical error that completely makes me rock and keen. (I have a nauseous/nauseated issue, but I've accepted in my heart that it's a losing fight and nauseous has shifted meaning. And I'm on the wrong side of peruse usage. Alas.*)

I am incapable of taking seriously any wonderful sentiments or brilliant thoughts surrounding a lie/lay error.

And apparently it's taught like shit, because it's really not hard.

Lay requires an object. Lie does not.

The past tense of lie is lay. The past tense of lay is laid.

Which is why you can lay your lover, but you cannot lie them.

And which is also why "I lay me down" is correct, but without the 'me' you must say, "I lie down."

"I laid me down," is proper in past tense; "I lay down," without the object.

If that doesn't help? Just remember that Clapton and Dylan both fuck it up.**

*NB: really, I'm a descriptivist, not a prescriptivist, and I know that a correct usage is anything a native speaker of the language does. But nonstandard use of lay just... flames. Flames on the side of my face.

**It's for the assonance. I know.
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It's Karen Memory book day!

*Oils up the shiny hype machine.* *Brings it to pressure.* *Checks that all gears are functional.*

So I wrote this book, see?

It's a steampunk adventure set in a fictional city in the Pacific Northwest during the Alaskan Gold Rush.

It stars a young woman who goes by the house name of Prairie Dove, which should give you an idea what she does for a living. She's kind of a badass, and she has badass friends. But rather than natter on about it, I'm going to give you a link to an excerpt!

And my Big Idea post on the subject.

And a post over at Aidan Moher's A Dribble of Ink on the subject of Soiled Doves and stereotypes.

Karen Memory can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon (Kindle), Amazon, and at your preferred local or online retailer. (Or they can order it for you.) The ebook is available through Kobo and the rest of the usual suspects.

There will be an audiobook from Recorded Books, which should be available soon!

Karen Memory has been getting fantastic reviews, including a starred review from Library Journal. It's #6 in the Kindle store for Steampunk this morning, and I've promised to humiliate myself on the internet if it goes to #1.

It's a book and I'm thrilled!