February 4th, 2015

writing leri loki

i do it because the world owes me nothing and we owe each other the world.

Wheeee! Gollancz has posted the UK covers for the Wetwired (Jenny Casey) books, and that means I get to show them to you now.

The UK editions are out in April in ebook. These are the author's preferred editions, with some problems fixed. 

Print editions if sales warrant, so you know what to do.

froud magician

whips, chains, whistles, dildos, and a book.

So I flew down to Galveston to run in the Galveston half-marathon with stillsostrange on Sunday, and also to do Writer Things and confab with her and several other colleagues about Writer Stuff. Many plots were discussed.

On the way down, I caught this amazing triple rainbow over Chicago:

This is what the sky over Galveston looked like at sunset on January 31st:

The day of the race was supposed to be rainy, but instead it was mostly quite sunny, and around 70 degrees. Which is a little on the hot side when you are running 13 miles.

These are our before faces:

And this is the view of the beach along the race course:


Doesn't look quite real, does it? The water and sky were the most amazing hazy agate colors. Absolutely breathtaking in a subtle sort of way. We ran through several old Victorian neighborhoods too, and the houses were lovely. A half-marathon is a great way to tourist!

And these are our "after" faces:

Yeah, it got hot. We were delighted to find a kind guy handing out handfuls of ice to runners at the 11 mile mark. We filled up our hats, and it was a serious relief.

Then I came home to this:

...got some snow.

Here's some tea! Before I left, I was drinking from the Royal Albert morning glories:

And the tea on Thursday was Constant Comment. Because I like it, and I'm not too much of a tea snob to say so.

Today, I lifted--I'm starting a new powerlifting program, and I'm getting serious about the self-discipline, because honestly that half marathon was a LOT harder than such a flat course needed to be, and all my clothes seem to have shrunk--and grocery shopped, and cleaned the kitchen, and made dinner for the house. And then I wrote a bunch of words on the micro robot story, which still has no title but which I think I will finish tomorrow.

Today's first pot of tea was Stash's Portland blend, and the second pot was Stash's Wedding Tea. I have a new teacup! It's a Royal Doulton pattern called White Nile, and though it's not eggshell-amazing translucent like my other Royal Doulton cup, it's very understated and pretty.

Now I'm going to practice some guitar and read for a while before bed.

But before I go--for your delectation, a selection of Galveston signage! Texas never disappoints.

Cthulhu runs a restaurant. Sorry it's blurry, but there's an octopus with an Illuminati eye on that sign, and the text below OLYMPIA GRILL reads, "Since 1500 B.C."

...all right then.

Then there was this one:

You don't say.