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Being a review of Criminal Minds 6x23, "Big Sea," written by Breen Frazier and Jim Clemente, directed by Glenn Kershaw

Cold open dude is asking for a face full of jellyfish.

Poor crabs!

Hotch with no jacket!

You know, I'd think it would make more sense to send in divers experienced in underwater archaeology/body recovery, rather than messing up the site. But maybe that's just the archaelogist in me.

But apparently Reid can do a minimum number of individuals and a sedimentary analysis from a bucket of sludge in twenty minutes... complete with forensic... not entomology. What's the study of marine parasites? 

(It's TV, Bear. Breathe in, breathe out, let the crappy forensic anthropology go.)

Hotch does JJ's job. Drink.

Not sure about the sudden random intrusion of This Time It's Personal with an aunt and cousin we've never heard of before.

Reid and Morgan crack the case!

Reid, that's just a little too much of a leap of logic. Creepy setup, but I fear I'm just not buying this one... too many leaps of logic to cram it into the 41 minutes, I fear. I think we may be needlessly overelaborate here in order to build the near-supernatural horror.

Why does the drug make the victim compliant to the UNSUB, but not his son?

Seaver has nice triceps. She could be a climber.

Picky as I'm being about the logic in this one, the victim interviews are really nice, and Rossi interviewing Morgan is pretty sweet.

Morgan's aunt has a wonderful dignity, though. The victims and survivors are a great strength of this show.

"Magic 8-Ball!"

Go dad. It was a good effort, anyway. :-(

Of course Reid doesn't know who he'd fight that hard for; and Morgan does. Nice.

And the scene with Morgan and his Auntie where he explains that there is somebody they need to save right now is gorgeous. Recovering from a rocky beginning, so far.

"We can't afford to be wrong."

"You're not that guy."

Morgan's talk-down speech is kinda awesomely nihilistic. Wonder how he's doing with that church-going? Rossi gets points for not bringing it up.

"It's a big sea."

Also, the Rossi-Morgan teamup is great. And Morgan is going to regret that not-quite-lie one of these days.

The last fifteen minutes of this episode makes up for the handwaving at the beginning, I think.
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