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angels line my pockets

There are no words more blessed than Google Calendar's morning email saying, "You have no events scheduled for today."

Actually, I do: archery tonight. But I think other than that I'm going to make this an official Rest Day. It's unbelievably beautiful out: cool and clear, and the leaves are getting to grown-up size, and the lilacs and azaleas are blooming madly.

I should be working on Book of Iron. But I can't: what I need to write isn't in my brain yet, and nothing will put it there except for time and patience. I have two middle chapters to write: I know the broad strokes of what goes there, but not the details.

And I am very tired. Slept through both alarms this morning, and fell back asleep with the radio still on. Even though I was asleep by midnight last night.

So I think I will sit on the porch with some tea and a book and the dog, and pre-cook some things to see me through the busy week(s) to come (A roasted chicken. White beans and mushrooms. I found a nice tomato and am having BLATs for lunch, by god.). Maybe eventually take the D-O-G for a W-A-L-K. Normally, I hate taking a break with work undone, but right now the spirit is willing, but the brain is empty. I may have found a limit.

The Squirrel Police Never Sleeps:

2011 05 12 daily commute

Tea today: Upton Roobos Pretoria (bush tea with flowers, basically)
Teacup today: Shadow Unit

The cat has forgiven me. She moved back into my bed last night. I can't wait to see how unhappy she is with me after June/July. We may not talk for weeks.
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