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when there's only her bones on the wet poison ground

Brain: still not grown back. Read a book and watched the incredibly insipid penultimate Harry Potter movie and two DC comics cartoons: a Justice League (The New Frontier) and a Batman (Under the Red Hood).

I am afraid I'm now slashing Batman and the Martian Manhunter, and I completely blame Darwyn Cooke. Somehow, it's less creepy when J'onn shows up in your Batcave unannounced than when a vampire shows up in your bedroom.

Did manage 4 pages of paid nonfiction today, which was good, because the deadline was tomorrow. So that's delivered and invoiced.

Still no idea what the heck the twenty pages or so of High! Adventure! that need to go into this novella are. The sixty-cycle hum in my head is getting deafening, though. Downtime: it is a necessary thing, but I'd like to get the two days' work out of the way, so I can actually enjoy it.

Alas, my brain is full of fluff. Not even bunnies. Just fluff.

Come on, brain, Put out. What's another nine thousand words of fight scene or so?
Tags: post-novel ennui, quotidiana

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