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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

the very thing that makes her rich will make you poor.

Monkey: Um. Cat?
Complaint Department: *mysteriously absent*
Monkey: Why is there a hairball in my bed?
Complaint Department: *curiously elsewhere*
Monkey: Why is there a hairball in my bed, between the sheets?
Complaint Department: *nowhere to be found*
Monkey: Cat, if you're unwell, perhaps we need to go to the vet. Seriously. This hairball!
Complaint Department: It's spring. I'm shedding.
Monkey: In my bed!
Complaint Department: I didn't feel good. It was a very large hairball.
Monkey: Between the SHEETS!
Complaint Department: The kitten tucked me in. Besides, it was time you changed the sheets anyway.
Monkey: I just changed them last week.
Complaint Department: You're not the only one who sleeps in this bed, you know.
Monkey: Trust me. I know.
Complaint Department: ...
Monkey: I don't love you anymore.
Complaint Department: You were never worthy of me anyway.

hairball roulette


Marie cat woke us up two nights ago as she hocked hairballs throughout the bedroom. Isn't spring grand? :-)
Our cat, on the other hand, has learned how to poke me. I wake up thinking that it's my wife signalling that my alarm is going off (or something else), but no, it's Marjorie The Cat trying to tell me that her bowl is empty at 3 in the morning. That not constituting an emergency, I drift back to sleep. I love cats.
Mine occasionally licks my eyelids.

She is diabolicat.
Those two stories (and other, similar ones) is why I keep the bedroom door closed when I sleep. (That, and the fact that I have a really hard time sleeping with even one cat treading on me. And we have four rather fat ones.)
She's figured out how to wake you with extreme prejudice. Marjorie now wakes Gail by treading on her windpipe. There's no sleeping through that.
Our household established the Bedtime Snack for Cats after the resident felines demonstrated their abilty to do far more annoying things than just poke the monkey (we have leapers and climbers, lucky us.)
I stopped to pet Casey yesterday. Ended up covered in orange fur.
Random question: when is the CM season over? I missed a bunch of episodes and am waiting for the reruns to start, as CBS does not put episodes online. *glares at them* It's either reruns or Chinese bootleg sites, so...
It's over.

You know you could have found that out from Wikipedia, right?
>.> ..you're the first thing I think of when it comes to CM information. Because your write-ups are awesome.
Well, thank you. I'm just saying it would have saved us both time. *g*
It's always a comfort to be reminded I don't have the only professionally smart-ass cats in North America.
This week, on a Very Special Episode of Cat vs. Monkey . . . o.O
Ah, one of the reasons my husband will no longer allow us to be owned by cats. He stepped in a big one during shedding season... in the middle of the night...
He has a lot of reasons, that was only one of them.
I still miss having a cat though. We monkeys are strange beings.
In fact, I have declared that his death announcement will consist of "I need to find a Cat!"
But- stepping on a hairball is the Traditional Way of finding one!
Exactly! ;)
Petromalt. Works like a charm.
Neri deposits her spring hairball on the blanket she sleeps on. It's her way of reminding me that she wants her bedding washed. She's such a fussbudget about our apartment that I sometimes think I'm married to the reincarnation of the Jack Lemon character from The Odd Couple.
I was particularly displeased to find that our cat had deposited a huge hairball under the duvet on my son's bed. At least it wasn't MY bed, but it's still another set of sheets to wash. The day after all the sheets had already been changed.

But they learn that in Kitteh Academeh, don't they? Why vomit on an easily cleanable surface when your vomit can be more appreciated on a carpet or bed?