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If I were a radical, rather than the nice, reasonable, card-carrying moderate that I am, I'd wonder why blacks and gays even wanted to enter and participate in a society that's so invested in marginalizing them.

When overthrow would be so easy. Minorities are only minorities when they're successfully keeping themselves out of coalitions. There's an astute discussion of this in Naomi Wolf's Fire with Fire, which isn't what you'd call a 'new' book.

Link via nihilistic_kid, btw.

This reminds me of the successful separation of suffragists and civil rights activists early in the last century. And I'm not going to get started on that particular rant, except to say that allowing oneself to be complicit in anyone's marginalization is allowing oneself to be complicit in one's own marginalization.

In less aggravating news:

Lead snow on Venus and fractals making more sense of nature (via slithytove)

And this is my favourite Arlo Gurthrie song.

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